Selling Your Art:  Practical Strategies for Achieving Financial Security

For the artist determined to not only survive, but thrive on creative effort--whether your
focus is on selling your original work to collectors, conquering the commercial marketplace or venturing
into self publication. Explores in depth the two most important aspects of a successful,  long-term art career:
income and exposure.  The book details specific submission strategies for a variety of fine and commercial
art markets, including Art Galleries, book and magazine publishers, poster and greeting card companies, and
product and package design firms, and also details the selling process that will help the self-publishing artist find
appropriate customers for his work.
The Professional Cartoonist's Business Manual & Marketing Guide

The single factor separating the Professional Cartoonist from the hobbyist is the intent to
sell--intent, not desire.
Learn to create and implement a business and marketing plan to best showcase your
talents and abilities in order to achieve a rewarding and sustained cartooning career! Includes submission
guidelines for publishers and other markets; an in-depth exploration of self-publishing; sample sales, syndication
and licensing contracts, and a comprehensive list of helpful resources.