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"The look on her face said I'm pissed and you're handy..."

When Camey Horne accuses him of attempting to blackmail her, Micah finds
himself dropped into the middle of an international human trafficking
operation and multiple murders --all possibly manipulated by the one person
Micah holds responsible for the horrors he's lived and the atrocities he's trying
to forget--and his only option for survival may be to join forces with a nemesis
he dare not trust.

A tale of love, lust, pimps, runaway children, cute little dogs, alter egos, death
and the ultimate family dysfunction.
Meet Seattle-based Private Investigator Micah Frost!
"I opened the envelope and shook out a Polaroid snapshot.  A
rotted corpse, mostly skeleton and hair, faced the camera lens.  
Eye sockets now two pits of black abyss stared against infinity
above a lipless clenched jaw and bared teeth..."

When a fifteen-year-old girl is kidnapped her parents pay the ransom, but the
girl isn't returned.  Eight years later a photograph of what might be the girl's
body arrives with no explanation or indication of who might have sent it...

A tale of love, loss, friendship, politics, kidnapping, duplicity, promises kept,
promises not kept, Nazis, vigilantism and a 1959 Cherry Red Pontiac Catalina.
"I never thought I'd see Chelsea Holmes again.  I certainly never
thought I'd be holding her lush, naked body against my own..."

When Chelsea Holmes is viciously attacked by a stalker, Micah takes matters into
his own hands.  Unfortunately, an innocent young man is arrested for the
crime--can Micah prove the young man innocent without incriminating himself?

A tale of love, daughters, stalkers, stepparents, dead millionaires, skullduggery,
thievery, betrayal, good cops, bad cops, crime lords, liars, death and an
orange-and-black 1956 Mercury Monterey.