Douglas Ready has been working professionally for more than thirty years as an
author, cartoonist and illustrator.  

 Doug is the author of the popular
Micah Frost series of thrillers (written as Douglas
Meredith Ready).  
Frost and Second Shot are available via Amazon, and the third,  A
Very Blue Moon
will be released in February, 2018.  

 Doug has also published several career guides for the beginning professional artist:  
The Greeting Card Business Manual,  The Professional Cartoonist's Business
Manual & Marketing Guide,
and Selling Your Art.

 Doug has created several alternative comic books, had two runs at comic strip syndication,
and produced illustrations for advertising, books, magazines, greeting cards and posters.  
Doug is also involved in product design, creating plush toys, puppets, and a variety of
consumer products.

 Doug's self-directed work is published and marketed via
DMR Creative.  He is a former
partner in
Carousel Studios and the former owner of Studio 5, both commercial art firms
specialized in product design, greeting card and poster creation, character design and
licensing, publishing and product distribution.  

 Doug and his incredible wife Mona live in the Pacific Northwest,  USA.